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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you take same day requests?

- Yes.  However, it's usually not an option. Ideally, I prefer it if you book at least a day in advance. I need a minimum of a 2 hour notice, if I'm still available.

Do you provide references?

- I'm not comfortable providing a reference to another provider. It's backfired on me in the past. But if you MUST, then you need to ask me first. Otherwise, I don't respond.

When should I pay you?

- You should pay me upon your arrival, before the massage begins. You should also know the rate before you arrive, and please DO NOT ask me what you owe once you get here. My rates are very clearly posted on my website. You may also pay via CashApp, however the payment must be completed before you arrive and leave the memo blank. 

Do I need to shower when I arrive?

- If you've booked a FBSM, I highly recommend a shower first. If a body part is visibly unclean or smells, obviously it will be avoided. At the very least, wash your hands. Use the mouthwash. I have disposable cups on the sink. 

Do you have "toys"? Are you fetish friendly?

- No. I do not use any toys or props during my massages. 

What type of massage oil do you use?

- I use fractionated coconut oil. It's unscented! It also absorbs into the skin really nicely. I usually rub it all over my body right before you arrive. I'm unable to perform a quality therapeutic massage without using oil. 

Are you ok with being reviewed?

- Not really. I don't like being affiliated with that culture. I'm fortunate to not need to rely on reviews for business. Typically, providers will only utilize sites like TER if they need business. If you feel the need to review me, please ask first. I plan on posting screenshots of any reviews of me with my comments and review on my blog if I receive anymore.  

Do you have a work phone number?

- Yes, currently I'm not sharing it or using it for scheduling. It was abused too much in the past. 

Can I show up early?

- I mean, you CAN....but I won't respond to you until 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. I utilize that time for last minute preparations and zen time. : )

What if I'm going to be late?

- If you KNOW you're running late, the responsible and nice thing to do would be to tell me as soon as you find out you won't be on time. I might be able to work with you! If you just show up late, it may be considered a cancellation/NCNS depending on my schedule. Keep in mind, if you're late your appointment still ends on time. 

Do you do outcalls?

- No. 

Do you do prostate massage?

- No.

Can I have more than one "pop"?

- Yes, people actually ask this! LOL! And we all roll our eyes when asked. Honestly, the majority of the people who ask, aren't even able to come close to more than one. However...the people who schedule 90 minutes and start out their session on their back usually naturally achieve 2-3 releases. Of course this totally depends on the person and their focus/intentions. It can get pretty heated up before the massage begins...

Will you still see me if I haven't seen you in over a year?

- Maybe. If you provide your real name, valid phone number, a pic of your ID or a link to prove who you are with a photo and the last date you visited me, then I'll consider it!

Why haven't you answered my email?

- Most of you are great at reading and following directions. When you do that, I always respond! So please check your SPAM if you're expecting an email from me.

I do not respond to these types of emails:

 -asking when I'm available

 -requesting a time that isn't available on my blog

anything explicit

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