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New Upcoming availability list

Updated: Jan 25

Happy new year! I hope you all have enjoyed this holiday season. It's been a little weird with no snow in Minnesota! Finally today we got a little dusting. ❄️❄️❄️

I'm still technically on hiatus. I'm just not able to maintain a regular and consistent schedule, at this point.

I've been very grateful and happy to continue to see some of you.

Last time I posted about "getting on my list", many of you wanted to be on the list but didn't respond when I reached out, or said they could only do evenings (which I rarely have ever done)

So....I've deleted the old list and am starting a new list! 🤠 (if you request to be on my new list and choose to not respond, you won't be included on any future lists.)

Once you're on my new list, I'll email you when I have upcoming availability. The weekdays will vary. The hours will typically be 9-2 or 9-4. Never later. Occasionally a Saturday morning will be available (9-11) Never Sundays.

If we've met at least a couple of times within the last year, you're in "good standing" and are cool with my possible available hours, please email me to get on my upcoming availability list.

I need to easily remember you!

As of now, I'll definitely have some availability the last week of January, a week or 2 in February and possibly a week in March. Exact dates will be sent to people who request to be on the new list.

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