A little about me...

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My name is Melissa, I've been providing Swedish style massage and FBSM in St. Paul, MN for over 9 years.

I'm an Independent Certified Massage Therapist, my space is located in the Cathedral Hill neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota. It's always clean, and smells good! I keep it at a comfortable temperature, and use a heated table.

 I obtained my Associates Degree in Massage Therapy in 2013, where I learned techniques associated with Swedish massage, neuromuscular therapy, reflexology,  holistic nutrition and therapeutic exercise. My hands are extremely intuitive and I'm very "in tune" with the human body. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, and I've been told it shows!

I'm laid back and easy going, non-judgmental and kind. I'm also not ok with people wasting my time or being rude. I prefer to not be reviewed.  I'm in my 40s, considered to be tall (5'8") "Plus Size" or "BBW". If you're judgmental about physical appearances or prefer thin women, then you should find a different provider. I understand this is a "fantasy" for some of you, but most people come to see me for my amazing touch and the way they feel when they're on my table, they aren't concerned with my body type. I appreciate those people the most! 

 I'm very grateful and fortunate to have created and built such a successful business. I have many wonderful repeat clients, some who have been coming to see me for 8 years! I am still open and happy to meet more new-to-me clients, as long as you're respectful and follow my directions. Which means, fill out the appropriate form. Many emails go unanswered because of not following directions. 

Please read the Q&A page for more details and helpful information! 


Please note, I'm not a full service provider or an escort 

The type of massage and finish you receive is entirely up to you based on your cleanliness.