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Body Rub Sessions

Updated: May 20

The Body Rub sessions on my new futon floor mat will begin May 1

Thank you to everyone who helped me orchestrate this new venture!

I truly appreciate each and every one of you who purchased items from my wishlist and sent me Amazon gift cards! ❤️

The Body Rub will NOT be a massage. There will be lots of extra touching and caressing...light, sensual, and mutual. Body to body. We'll be on a soft futon mattress surrounded by pillows.

A warm, soft, long embrace with the usual enticing enhancements.

I'm still offering my luscious FBSM on my extra wide, plush, heated table for everyone who enjoys the perfect balance between therapeutic and sensual massage.

Therapeutic (non-sensual) is always an option, too. Although it's not popular 🤔😉

Body Rub (Futon)

60 mns/300

90 mns/450

FBSM (Table)

60 mns/250

90 mns/375

120 mns/500

Swedish Therapeutic (Table)


60 mns/150

90 mns/225

No full service. No escort services. ★

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